Finance Your Toughbook Purchase Today

Opportunity is Knocking

Effective cash flow management is an extremely important element to a successful business, small or large.

Equipment financing offers business owners a means to acquire equipment based on an operating budget, not based on capital or cash on hand.


Advantages of Financing

Complete Value Coverage

Finance the entirety of your Toughbook and rugged accessories purchase. With our financing partners, you will have the ability to finance the entire value of your equipment purchase, in contrast to many loan programs that only finance a portion and have more complex requirements or clauses.


Asset Management

Safe and secure disposal of your old Toughbook or Toughpad, handled by the financing provider. Financing provides the use of equipment for specific periods of time at fixed payments. The financing company assumes and manages the risk of equipment ownership. At the end of the term, if you elect to return the equipment, the financing company is responsible for the disposition of the asset.

Flexible Upgrades

Upgrade your old Toughbook or Toughpad to a new one with better hardware and better accessory support. No equipment lock-in. Our financing options will give you the flexibility to expand or upgrade your equipment line during the financing term. Your business lifecycle can be very dynamic and there’s no reason your equipment shouldn’t be too.


Tax Advantages

There are tax incentives for purchasing new equipment. By financing your new Toughbook or Toughpad purchase, the amount you save in taxes could be greater than what you pay in the first year of a lease. Your new equipment could make you money from day one!

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