New technologies and mobile working environments are driving revolutionary changes within the insurance industry. These developments affect everything from the way insurance companies sell their products to how organizations process claims and estimate damages. Panasonic builds a full line of reliable and durable Toughbook® mobile computers to help insurance firms maintain its competitive edge and to capitalize on opportunities afforded in a transformative environment.

Panasonic Toughbooks – Keeping You Productive
Today’s ever-evolving insurance landscape leaves inspectors, adjusters, sales agents and even vehicle repair facilities with little room for downtime when it comes to serving customers more effectively and efficiently. Rugged Panasonic Toughbook laptops, stay operational longer with less downtime and fewer repairs. Key advantages include, integrated mobile broadband, daylight-viewable touchscreens, exceptional battery life and convenient carrying handles. Furthermore, Panasonic partners with leading hardware, software and wireless partners to provide total solutions for the insurance industry. These combined benefits result in a lower total cost of ownership and greater return on investment.

The Toughbook ROI Evaluator tool helps insurance companies and vehicle repair firms analyze the economic advantages of deploying a reliable mobile computing solution.

Insurance Solutions
Individuals working in the insurance industry require mobile computers that provide dependable, real time communications with their companies, information networks, and customers. Built with a rugged exterior, designed with daylight-viewable touchscreens and engineered for superior wireless connectivity and long battery life, Panasonic Toughbook® laptops offer workers in the insurance industry a reliable mobile computing solution they can count on.

Auto Body Shop Solutions
Toughbook computers give estimators a durable and reliable computing solution that automates manual processes and withstands the grimy and often chaotic environment in an auto body shop. Daylight-viewable touchscreens allow users from the back office to the back lot to easily navigate software and reduce inaccuracies.

Auto Inspection Solutions
Auto inspectors equipped with Toughbook mobile computers can perform inspections faster, more accurately and with less paperwork. An inspector’s ability to electronically capture automobile information and damages from one car lot to another helps dealers process used, leased or auctioned cars more efficiently and effectively.

Agent Sales Solutions
Durable and reliable Toughbook laptops keep mobile sales teams connected and allow them to be as productive in the field as they are in the office. Whether closing sales or administering accounts, agents turn to Panasonic Toughbook computers to quickly access information and improve customer service.

Property and Casualty Solutions
Panasonic Toughbook mobile computers with wireless and touchscreen capabilities put adjusters in the fast lane to quicker estimates and claims processing. Toughbook laptops give adjusters a durable and reliable computing solution that automates manual processes and withstands any environment, from the dirt and grime of an auto repair facility to a flooded or wind-damaged home.

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