Aegex Hands-free Tablet Harness - Leather - TAA Compliance

AEG-AAK-0002-01 Aegex

Aegex Hands-free Tablet Harness - Leather - TAA Compliance


AEG-AAK-0002-01 Aegex
Manufacturer Aegex Technologies, LLC
Manufacturer Part Number AEG-AAK-0002-01
Brand Name Aegex
Product Name Hands-free Tablet Harness
Marketing Information

The aegex10™ Hands-Free Tablet Harness is composed of premium quality natural leather. Leather "ages", which means its appearance changes with time and use. Wrinkles are caused by the natural stretch of the material and do not affect the quality, usability or lifetime of the product. Please note that exposure to sunlight, heat or certain chemicals may fade and/or dry out your harness, causing it to crack slightly. To increase the product's lifetime, it is recommended to treat it regularly with a transparent leather care cream and avoid direct contact with harsh chemicals. Surface scratches caused by sharp objects and material aging are not covered by warranty.

The aegex10™ Hands-Free Tablet Harness was developed for use together with the aegex10™ Leather Case and the aegex10™ Intrinsically Safe Tablet. It does NOT serve as safety equipment. The "one size fits all" harness is designed to hold the aegex10™ Tablet on the chest of a human body and is adjustable for the perfect fit. It is designed for balanced weight distribution, comfort, and easy on-and-off applications.

  • Vertical (height) adjustment (total length Min.: 98 cm, Max.: 128 cm)
  • Horizontal (width) adjustment (Full waist circumference Min.: 94 cm, Max.: 128 cm)
  • Fitting/ Stability adjustment (The setting is recommended in parallel on both sides.)
  • Tablet angle adjustment (This adjustment is done by the Ram-Mount)

Weight of harness : Net: 1.72 kg / Gross: 2 kg

The tablet can be folded up when not in use, so that the user can easily walk, run, climb, or sit comfortable.

To remove the harness, unclasp the waist buckle and simply lift the harness over your head and off your shoulders.

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